Priority Thrust Areas of KVK

S.No. Crop / Enterprise Thrust area
1. Crop Production Production Technology for kharif, rabi and zaid crop.Improved Production Technology through mechanization.
2. RCT Promotion of resource conservation technology
3. Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship development in rural youth
4. Drudgery reduction Drudgery reductiontechnology and Drudgery reducing farm implements among farm women
5. Horticultural crops Promotion of high value horticultural crop, Quality seed/planting material production
6. Live stock Raising productivity of livestock, upgrading genetic potential through artificial insemination, use of mineral mixture, disease and parasitic control, proper feeding and management
7. Organic inputs production NADEP and Vermi-composting
8. IPM Promotion of Integrated Pest Management strategies for safe food production and environment protection
9. INM Promotion of site specific nutrient management through INM for sustainable soil health
10. Kitchen Gardening Nutritional security through kitchen gardening